Many people find that they really enjoy the training sessions with their dogs and want to continue with advanced training. The American Kennel Club holds obedience and rally trials for AKC registered dogs. The handler/dog teams are judged and scored on how well the team performs certain required exercises. The Advanced Obedience Competition class is a progression of our Basic Beginner and Advanced Beginner classes, and is geared toward the individual who wishes to pursue these higher levels of obedience competition. The goal of this class is to provide students and their dogs with a positive and supportive training environment that will ultimately result in enjoyable and gratifying competition experiences. Students will not only receive instruction in training their dogs, but also in personal ring preparedness in order to bring the most success to their long-term competition goals. The student will have access to extensive expertise and experience of instructors who are actively training and competing with their own dogs. The prerequisite for attendance in this class is completion of the Basic Obedience and Advanced Beginner classes.
In AKC Obedience there are 3 levels:

Novice: Competition in this class requires heeling both on lead and off lead with your dog, heeling in a figure 8 pattern, the stand for exam, the recall exercise, the 1 minute sit/stay, and the 3 minute down/stay. Qualifying scores in three dog shows earns the Companion Dog or "CD" title.

Open: This class requires heeling off lead, figure 8, drop on recall exercise, retrieve on flat, retrieve over the high jump, the broad jump, and the out-of-sight stay exercises: 3 minute sit/stay and 5 minute down/stay. Qualifying scores in three dog shows earns the Companion Dog Excellent or "CDX" title.

Utility: This class requires the signal exercise, which is heeling off lead with the dog left at the end of the ring while the handler gives signals to the dog to down, then sit, then come to sit in front and finish. Also required are scent work, a directed retrieve, a moving stand for exam, and a send away to the opposite side of the ring followed by directed jumps to the left and right. This is the highest level in AKC obedience competition and requires the dog to work a great deal on his own away from the handler. Qualifying scores in three dog shows earns the Utility Dog or “UD" title.

After completing the UD title, a dog may continue to compete in both the Open B and Utility B classes at American Kennel Club Dog Shows. The goal now can be to earn a Utility Dog Excellent title and then the OTCH - Obedience Trail Champion.

UDX: To earn the UDX title, a dog must qualify in the Open B and Utility B class on the same day. The dogs need to qualify 10 times to earn the UDX title.
OTCH: To earn the Obedience Trial Champion title, a dog must earn 100 points and must also have 3 first places. Two of these first places must be in each class. The third first place may be in either class. A dog earns points by placing 1st through 4th. The number of points earned is based on the number of dogs in the class. It is a difficult title to obtain, but one that is respected and treasured. Several of our instructors have achieved this title and many of our instructors compete regularly and successfully in Obedience competitions.

AKC Rally Obedience: Rally obedience has exercises similar to traditional obedience, but adds many other exercises that have been used as training techniques over the years. You are scored on how you and your dog perform the exercises, but the difference is that a unique course is designed by the judge. You and your dog perform the exercises from start to finish without instruction from the judge.