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Why is the sport of agility one of the fastest growing dog sports in the world? The popularity of this sport is due to the fact that it is just so much fun for both the dog and the handler. Most dogs love to run and jump and agility gives them the place to do just that.

The best part is that all breeds of dogs can successfully compete in agility. There are five jump heights so that the smallest and largest breeds of dogs can run a course.

A dog and handler must complete an obstacle course full of jumps, tunnels, and obstacles that a dog must traverse. It is a timed event and the fastest dog with no mistakes wins the class. The handler must learn how to direct the dog along the course without interfering, while maintaining the dog's speed. Each course is designed by a judge and is unique. Most dogs love agility and are naturally motivated to run a course. Positive motivation keeps the dogs eager to work and perform.
Agility Classes
Beginner Agility

This class is for the dog and handler that have successfully completed at least one formal obedience class and are ready to start the journey into the sport of Agility. Dog and handler teams are introduced to all the agility equipment at low heights. Basic handling skills are introduced.

Intermediate Agility

This class builds on the skills learned in the beginner class. Equipment is raised to full height. Basic handling skills are applied to running short courses with the dogs.

Advanced Agility

This class is for the dog and handler teams who are able to perform all the equipment at full height. Emphasis is on handling skills and running longer courses. Dogs in this class are beginning to compete in agility trials.
Competition Agility

These classes are for dogs and handlers competing in the Excellent and Master levels of agility. Emphasis is on handling and course analysis.