First Canine Good Citizen Test at CDTS!

On Saturday, March 2, 2013, CDTS had its first CGC test
expertly officiated by our own Ted McCall.

We had 9 participants, all of whom earned their CGC titles.

Many thanks to Ted McCall, Pat McCall, and Valerie Farrell for their hard work, and to all the others who also assisted during the test.

The new CGC teams...
Back row left to right: Heather Bowers with Rhodesian Ridgeback 'Gideon', Debbie Iverson with Rhodesian Ridgeback 'Addi',
Karen Byrd with Border Collie 'Fable', Lorraine Faust with Standard Schnauzer 'Stevie', Tester Ted McCall, and Pam Fisher with Dalmatian 'Scandal'.

Front row left to right: Denise Plemmons with Shih Tzu 'Snickers', Carolyn Jackson with Italian Greyhound 'Sunny', and Thalia Dalton with German Shepherd 'Valdo'.
Also passing the test but not in the group shot,
Paula Relihan with Miniature Poodle 'Bells'.