Jane bought a Golden Retriever for her family in 1976, took her to obedience class, and a life long passion for training was ignited. Four years later she and several friends founded Companion Dog Training School which was the first in this area to use positive motivation methods to teach the dogs. In 1985 she fell in love with her first Border Collie and she has been training, competing with and occasionally breeding Starfire Border Collies ever since.
Jane enjoys the challenge of striving for the highest honors and has placed multiple times in national obedience competitions. Six of her dogs have achieved the Obedience Trial Championship title (OTCh) and she is working hard trying to attain a seventh with her partner Epic. She also has conformation champions, an agility champion and herding titles on her Border collies. But her strength is working with individual handler and dog teams and honoring their goals. Jane teaches the transition class on Thursday nights, as well as small foundations classes for Utility, the most advanced level of obedience competition. She is also available to give private lessons either for behavior problems or to improve competition skills. When Jane isn't at CDTS she is herding or teaching herding at her farm.