Growing up, Kathy O’Mara always lived with dogs (and cats, also three brothers). Several years ago, while working at the VA Hospital with Jane Johnson, Kathy was introduced to the world of dog obedience training. Kathy became the owner of an adorable, little Samoyed puppy. Her name was Tori and she very quickly took over the household. Kathy and Tori enrolled in puppy and beginner classes at Companion Dog Training School. Kathy has been with Companion Dog ever since then and all her dogs have gone through puppy and/or beginner classes. Tyler, a mixed breed rescue was 6 months old, had a torn ear and was very timid. After his second beginner class he was much more secure, confident and obedient. Now Kathy has two Border Collies. Trixie, a rescue is currently training at the Novice level and Denim, U-CDX Starfire’s Forever in Blue Jeans UD is working diligently towards his obedience championship. Kathy teaches puppy and beginner classes on Tuesday nights.