Linda Pyeritz began working with dogs in the early 1960’s when she
would sit, look at dog training books and mimic the pictures. Her first
and greatest achievement was teaching the family Poodle how to say
his “prayers”! In the early 1990’s, Linda found CDTS where she had
fun training her 3 Labradors. Although she never went into formal
competition at that time, she realized there was something very
important about “positive training”. Her first Golden Retriever,
Chance, helped her take dog training to a new level.
“I don't see myself so much a trainer, rather a partner with my dogs.
It isn't about giving commands and the dog making responses.
Rather giving ‘cues’ and the opportunity for my dog to respond. It's
about communicating; both of us learning from each other.”
Linda has continued her dog training education through Karen Pryor
Clicker Expo and the many amazing educators in that academy.
Her passion is Musical Freestyle and therapy dog work. She earned
the first Musical Freestyle title in North Carolina and was part of the
original founders of Paws on a Mission, our local therapy dog
program in Asheville. She and her Goldens have done many canine
cancer fundraisers in the area.
She strongly believes in clicker or “marker” training as part of the
positive training taught at CDTS.