After many years with wonderful mixed breeds in 1990 Linda became hooked on Golden Retrievers and competitive obedience.  Her first Golden, Dreamer (b1990 - d 2004) was born to heel, going from Novice A, with 3 High in Trials, to OTCh at the age of 4.  Her UDX came shortly after that.  Numerous High in Trial and High Combined awards later Linda graced Dreamer with another Golden.  Lucky Dreamer.

Sparkle (b 1993 - d 2006) wasn’t into Obedience but loved agility and smiled all the way to her MACH the weekend after 9-11.  Interestingly, there was a Praying Mantis on Linda’s right shoulder during that entire run.  Sparkle never refused to try anything and loved everyone and everything. 

Zzzip (b 2003) followed in the footsteps of Sprakle and Dreamer.  He was a dream to train, loved being in the ring and so much fun to show and watch.  One of Linda’s students asked her if she ‘ever got tired of qualifying?’  To which she replied, “No!”  Obtaining MACH 3, TQX, MXF and MAD, among other letters, Zzzip was retired from agility in 2011 and is enjoying retirement, as is Linda.

Swizzle’s (b 2010) training took a back seat to Linda’s needing a new knee in 2012.  Swizz is coming along nicely and Linda looks forward to being in the ring with her in 2014. 

Linda has been teaching agility at CDTS since CDTS began offering agility classes in the mid 90’s.  She constantly tries to bring out the best of each team in her class.