Marti  has had a household full of dogs most of her adult life and came to CDTS  in 1998 to train her first “big” dog, Airedale Peach.  Three other Airedales followed and Marti had the honor of being the human half of both a therapy dog team with Pubb and Pixi and a competition team with Pixi (U-CD, UD, AX, AXJ, RE, NA, NJP) and Punch (BN, CD, AX OAJ, RN) who died much too young.  Cherishing their memory,  she is beginning the adventure again with a Portuguese Water Dog puppy named Potion who is  getting her first titles in obedience, agility, rally and water work.  Marti is active in Airedale Rescue, frequently fosters, and served for many years on the board of
Asheville Humane Society.