Rally obedience is a team sport in which dog and handler progress around a numbered course, stopping at each sign to perform the exercise designated by that sign. The Rally Novice level is done entirely on lead while Advanced and Excellent levels are done off lead. At all levels, however, the handler may talk to the dog, use multiple commands and clap, etc. to encourage the dog. This is one of the ways Rally Obedience differs from regular Obedience showing. The handler may not give extra commands or talk with the dog while executing the exercises in regular Obedience.

The instructor, Carolyn Jackson, has progressed through all levels of Rally Obedience with her dog to obtain the RAE, the highest Rally title available.

Your dog needs to know how to sit, stand, and lie down on command before starting this Rally class. We will be using food, toys, and praise to teach the exercises.

Rally Classes :  Email for details and schedule: cjack3019@gmail.com

Rally Classes will reconvene 1/14/17.

The times listed below apply to January, February,
and early March only.

Beginning/Novice Rally obedience classes: 1:30 p.m. Saturday

Advanced/Excellent Rally obedience classes: 2:30 p.m. Saturday